AGES 1 – 4

Ages 1 – 4

Toddler Program

“When the world is scaled larger than you are it is nice to have a special place your own size.”

In our toddler rooms, you will find toddler sized tables and chairs as well as materials that meet the needs of this special age group. A blend of sensorial and motor exploration provides numerous enjoyable experiences for the toddlers.

The structured play of our toddler curriculum gives us the opportunity to infuse skill building among all different developmental domains: physical, language, social-emotional and cognitive. Even though at this young age toddlers do not truly play with their peers – they’ll play next to other children, but not with them – our teachers lay a foundation for your toddler to eventually learn to play interactively with others. Although teachers cannot “teach” physical skills, they do provide many opportunities for the children to practice.

2 Year Old Program

We know that all children learn and grow through active play and participation. Therefore, our program for two-year-olds is designed to allow each child to explore and be actively engaged in a rich Jewish environment, enhanced with developmentally appropriate activities. Activities are designed to encourage development of all aspects of a child’s life- physical, social, emotional and cognitive. Children are given the freedom to choose from a large variety of activities and materials with the teachers acting as facilitators, encouraging their participation and stimulating their thinking by the interactions they provide and the questions they ask.

3 Year Old Program

Each year of life brings exciting challenges for children. As children turn 3, they leave behind the last hint of toddlerhood and begin to be more self sufficient. Their focus turns even more toward social interaction and also toward imaginative and creative thought. They exhibit an ever growing interest in learning everything possible about their expanding world.
One of the major tasks of early childhood is to learn how to interact with and get along within the world around us. Our 3 year old program offers many opportunities for social interactions within all parts of our play-based structure. Adults teach and model appropriate words and actions to use while interacting with friends, joining a group, resolving a conflict, problem solving together and negotiating.

4 Year Old Program

The 4 year old program is a warm, friendly environment in which children are encouraged to try out their developing skills with the assurance that their ideas and knowledge are respected and valued. Four year olds are given opportunities to experience the world around them through hands on activities. These activities support pre-academic learning such as pre-math manipulatives and a “print-rich environment”. For example, number concepts, patterning, matching, sorting and classifying are all activities that will promote math based skills.

At the end of the 4 year old year, children will be well prepared for the upcoming challenges of JK or Kindergarten.