It has been a busy few months at JPS, and lots has happened! Recently, we learned about the life of Avraham & Sara, after which we celebrated the ‘wedding’ of Yitzchak & Rivka. The students experienced a badeken (the groom places the veil on his bride), chuppah ceremony (marriage canopy), dancing, and a festive meal. The children were dressed up and enjoyed each part of the wedding while learning about its meaning. We made lots of wonderful memories and took plenty of photos!

We typically celebrate Grandparent’s Day at this time of year as well, and wanted to include our grandparents even though gathering in person was not yet an option. Tu B’shvat was the perfect opportunity, providing us with a theme that relates to us all, and specifically celebrates our Jewish roots. So many grandparents joined us from around the US and Israel, and got to enjoy our Tu B’shvat presentation, as well as join us with activities we had mailed out prior to the event. Each child had a turn to speak with their grandparents, which was definitely a highlight! It is part of our mission at JPS to include families in our program, and we so enjoyed the opportunity to do so, albeit virtually. Enjoy these photos from our wedding and Grandparents day!