School Grounds

We believe in creating an atmosphere where learning is fun.

We have over 10,000 square feet of space for children to learn and play.

Our library houses more than 3,500 books.


Our extraordinary playground provides countless opportunities for play and both physical and social development. It includes a 4-foot-wide bounded rubber mulch trike path where children can safely ride their tricycles, as well as stations that help develop more than nine different physical skills, such as muscle control and strengthening of the upper body.


We encourage children to express themselves in a variety of ways, by analyzing, investigating, and manipulating. Through active participation, learning goes beyond “knowing” to “experiencing.” It incorporates hands-on activities that allow children to touch, shape, mold and create.

Each of our classrooms is set up to mirror this philosophy. All of our materials and toys have a specific purpose in helping a child learn. Teachers create lesson plans that focus on the different developmental and educational skills appropriate for their age group. Communications describing the children’s activities, music and books used in the class are provided to parents so they can share and expand upon their child’s school experiences at home.