At The Jewish Preschool on Sardis, we provide experienced and dedicated staff that is committed to excellence and genuinely cares for each child.

Our staff is made up of teachers who are chosen for their professionalism, as well as their caring and compassionate personalities. In addition, our teachers have degrees in Early Childhood education or a related field and the teacher-to-child ratio at JPS is lower than state requirements and equal to the highest level of preschool accreditation nationwide.

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Welcome to the Jewish Preschool on Sardis. I am currently in my 5th year as the Director of JPS and am thrilled to work along side these talented and dedicated women. After 20+ years of working through four states in early childhood, View full bio


Kate Badger

Teacher, Infant/Toddlers

Elizabeth Boyce

Teacher, 4s

Crystal Brown

Lead Teacher, 3’s

Ellen Clark

Lead Teacher, Toddlers

Adriane Douthett

Teacher, 4s

Chaya Groner

Judaica Teacher

Taaliyah Hardin

Teacher, Toddlers

Jayme Kreitman

Judaica Teacher

Bailey Krieg

Teacher, 2’s

Jane Lee

Lead Teacher, 2s

Ethelda Major

Teacher, 2’s

Jessie Mazur

Teacher Teacher, Infants

Cami Obendorf

Teacher, 3’s

Jennifer Orsomarso

Lead Teacher, 2s

Alex Russell

Teacher, Infants

Stefani Tichauer

Teacher, Infant/Toddlers

Liz Jacob

Lead Teacher, Infant/Toddlers

Wanda VandeLinde

Lead Teacher, 3s

Beverly Wakefield

Lead Teacher, 4s

Shellie Widger

Teacher, 2’s

Koko Wilson

Teacher, Toddlers


Devorah (Weiss) Gorkin


Bianca Staggs

Assistant Director